3-D Artist, Golden Era Productions, Hemet, CA (February 2007 to Present):
Contract work
specializing in lighting 3-D architectural spaces, doing camera flythough animations and creating
"match move" shots which marry live action video to rendered 3-D spaces for broadcast video. Used

3D Studio Max
with the Mental Ray renderer extensively as well as compositing in Adobe After Effects.

Senior Artist, Point of View Incorporated, CA (April 1998 to September 2006): Specialized in
building and lighting environments for console titles. Built 3-D levels, interactive game objects and
created various types of texture and normal maps. Did work on titles such as
Sports Car GT, Ready to
Rumble Boxing
port for PSX and N64, The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian, Spawn Armageddon,
The Shield
, Nascar '06, Lord of the Rings: The White Council
and Blitz the League '07.

Senior Graphic Designer, Origin Systems, Austin, TX (April 1997 to April 1998): Created
background screens, cinematics, polygonal game art, storyboards, production drawings and animations
for titles such as
Wing Commander Prophecy and Privateer 3.

Digital Artist, Sega Soft, Diamond Bar, CA (February 1995 to April 1997): Designed and created
cinematics, character animations, 3-D rendered sprites, storyboards, animations and backgrounds for
32X and PC such as
G.I. Ant and Loose Your Marbles. Helped to manage and coordinate for a team of
6 digital artists.

Multimedia Artist, Activision Studios, Los Angeles, CA (August 1992 to January 1995): Created
3-D backgrounds, cinematics and production drawings as well as 2-D game art. Was assigned as lead
artist on the Macintosh version of
Return to Zork as well as the adventure title Planetfall. Managed a
team of 5 artists. Worked on 2-D elements of
Shanghai II: Great Moments as well as doing conceptual
work for
Spycraft: the Great Game.

Cel Shade Artist, Metrolight Studios, Los Angeles, CA (August-September 1992): Worked at
"Metrocel" division doing digital cel painting for The Ren & Stimpy show.


3-D: Modeling, texturing, lighting and animation as well as some basic particle
effects work.
2-D: Renderings using traditional and digital techniques, texture map generation,
sprite animations and some basic compositing work.
Familiar with a variety of programs such as:
3D Studio Max, Alias Maya, Lightwave 3D, Form-Z, Adobe Photoshop, Painter,
World Machine, Levellor, Speed Tree, Z-Brush, Adobe Premiere, Debabilizer and
Adobe Illustrator.


B.A. in History from UCLA - June 1988.
Computer Graphics Certificate Program, UCLA Extension -1989 to 1991.


Adventure Game of the Year Award, 1994, PC Entertainment for Return to Zork.